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Heard on WVXU this morning that a key piece of the puzzle for connecting the Ohio River Trail with the Little Miami Scenic Trail has fallen into place with the recent availability of a parcel of land at Salem and Kellogg. Here’s one guy who will reap the benefits of the linkage — he currently leaves for work at 4:30 every morning to avoid rush hour. While acknowledging that cyclists will be the “most obvious beneficiaries,” the Enquirer, in its inimitable “style,” assures us in the article’s headline that “not only bikers will benefit.”

Well, thank goodness for that.

Sarcasm aside, linking up downtown with the Little Miami Trail could do wonders for the city as we move toward a future where sustainability becomes more and more a part of everyday life. We may not be Portland, OR, but Cincinnati has the chance to continue creating an appealing, healthy, progressive-minded — and urban — environment that will draw people and businesses alike, and a continuous mixed-use trail from beyond the eastern edge of the city all the way downtown (and yes, continuing to the western reaches of the city) can be a central part of that infrastructure.

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