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a coworker suggested lunch earlier this week, and asked where i wanted to go. anywhere besides rookwood, i begged. i like rookwood just fine but i’m tired of sharing lunch with coworkers at chain restaurants. (i could live the rest of my life without eating at a chinese buffet that serves french fries.) so she took me downtown to cafe de paris. “you’ll love it,” she cooed. “everybody will yell at you in french.”

she was right.

luckily the yelling was very frenchy-good-natured. “bonjour mesdames!” “fromage, madame?” (if they said anything else in french i missed it. my french sucks.) my salade avocat (lawyer salad, right?) was delightful: the “large” salad was on a normal-sized plate, making it a light meal for one…just what a salad should be. the avocado slices shared their bed of greens with still-decent tomatoes despite the november cold, and the citrus-infused dressing (i believe there may have been slightly too much, but i would never second-guess a french chef) was a perfectly tart counterpoint to the sweet nuts and cranberries scattered on top. coupled with a cuppa tea (the genetic brit in me always wins out), it made for a lovely late lunch on a blustery fall day.

the wall art — modernesque oils with collage-y type bits of eiffel tower memorabilia — was all for sale, making me want to go back to see if the show rotates. i’m guessing any excuse to return is a good one…cafe de paris is a yummy, quirky, and inexpensive place to stop for a quick bite.

and no, they’re no longer in hyde park.

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