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if, say, you were a jealous lover, and suspected your beloved of stepping out with another, and, say, were hoping to follow your beloved of an evening in the hopes that you could catch said beloved whispering sweet nothings to that other, and you saw your beloved head into Arthur’s Cafe and request a seat in their garden patio…well, what then?

first, i would tell you to find a healthier relationship with someone you could trust, if that was at all possible. but that’s not my purpose here.

second, i would say, “you’re in luck!” since you could find a perfect bird’s eye view of Arthur’s patio by heading up to Teller’s patio.

That’s right, two of the best outdoor gathering, eating, and watering places on the east side are within spitting (or spying) distance of each other.

they do offer different amenities: Arthur’s is more down-to-earth, serving great burgers and other pub fare (including an excellent award-winning fish sandwich), a decent selection of beer, and (if the couple to our right one recent lunch hour was any indication) bloody marys good enough to while away a sunny weekday afternoon.

Teller’s fashions itself a little more upscale, and does it pretty well, with appetizers like buffalo chicken egg rolls, stag fries, and tomato and roasted corn bruschetta, as well as a wickedly delicious kobe beef burger and a wide-ranging selection of draft beers (special props for having fuller’s esb on tap). for the heliophiles among us, Teller’s 2nd-floor patio is more exposed, while Arthur’s has an overgrown, shaded feel that should welcome the fairest of the fair.

so if you should find yourself in a jealous pickle, here’s hoping you can at least take advantage of the outdoor dining scene — and who knows? maybe a kobe beef burger with a pint or two of fuller’s esb will make you forget the sad circumstances that ever brought you to Teller’s patio in the first place.

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Every third weekend in October, festival-loving Ohioans flock to Bainbridge, OH, for the Fall Festival of Leaves. This year we joined them. foliage.jpg

Our afternoon started on the midway, where before long our heads felt all pink-edged and fuzzy with the heady aroma of saturated fats. Intrepid toddlers and tumblers (not ours, mind you) made their way through the Hillbilly Village funhouse while grown-ups on their way to the vintage auto show were entertained by the Celtic-Queen players. More astute spectators were taken with the festival’s very own changeable tin man. Hungry festival-goers could enjoy the usual midway fare–blooming onions, turkey drumsticks, even sugar-free lemonade (really, why bother?)–but we opted for Grumpy’s BBQ, a rich pulled pork sandwich slathered in a tomato-based sauce. Yum.

Afterwards we followed most of a scenic loop through Pike Lake. Our out-of-date directions led us pretty far astray, but not before we’d had our fill of early fall’s foliage. Situated in camping-friendly Pike Lake State Park, Pike Lake provides paddleboats, rowboats and canoes for the paddling-inclined, shaded picnic grounds with a water view, and a general store. The surrounding hills shone faded green and brilliant gold with flashes of crimson (unlike our neighborhood in Cincinnati, where trees are mostly brown with summer’s drought). Certainly fall is on its way.

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