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And the votes are in…

The CincyScenes staff went to vote yesterday evening; our polling location was in a large building at the center of a huge parking lot. After making our way across the vast expanse and heading toward the building, we encountered some last-minute lobbyists encouraging us to vote for their candidate. But armed with our League of Women Voters’ pre-election publication, we had no need for such persuasion. We were ready – why, on the drive over we had even opened the pamphlet and learned who was running for what.

No, not really. When we arrived at the polling place, we were assisted by some very kind volunteers in finding our precinct, received very clear directions on the procedure necessary to ensure a successful vote, and cast our ballots. One at a time, of course, since the CincyScenes’ toddler had left her voter identification at home, and preferred to roll around on the floor, supervised, charming the socks off the volunteers.

Ballots cast, we collected our “I Made a Difference!” stickers, picked up a little wine, and toasted ourselves for being good citizens.

This morning I discovered that, in general, Cincinnati’s citizens seem pretty happy with the status quo, re-electing the entire City Council for two more years, and rejecting the two major initiatives that would have increased taxes. Even if they’re not pleased with the results, as Not Surprised notes over on Cincinnati Blog, “at least we won’t have to come up with a new set of gripes, we can use the same ones until the next election.” Having been here all of five months, I haven’t even begun my list of gripes about municipal governance; with rosy glasses on, I’m looking forward to getting to know these folks and their ways over the next couple years, and making even more informed decisions in 2009.

Whew! This voting thing takes some energy – I’m glad there’s no election to speak of next year. 🙂

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