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it was a very summery summer day for the hyde park blast. we made our way down to the square in anticipation of the kids’ fun run, looking worriedly over our shoulders at the looming dark clouds the whole way. and sure enough, no sooner do we hit erie avenue than we’ve got to duck for cover on the front porch of a local business. the lightning was intense and the thunder was loud, but before long the skies cleared and the races were on. by the time the little ones had cleared the course and the bikes were speeding ’round the square, the crowds were back, buzzing with anticipation and maybe a little bit of christian moerlein (to say nothing of the discounted martinis red was offering).

me? didn’t win, didn’t crash, and i stayed in the whole of the category 4 race — so in all, a success.

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…or joggin’, or walkin’, or supportin’, or even just watchin’ the flyin’ pig yesterday morning, we decided it would be a great day for a bike race — specifically, my first bike race in over a year.

so we packed up the car and trundled out to a blip on the map named springboro near lebanon. that’s leh-buh-nin, by the way, not to be confused with the mideast nation leh-buh-nahn — you know, someone should compile a book of local pronunciation quirks (maybe someone has?). it would include versailles (don’t even bring your ver-saiy ’round here, it’s ver-sails), indiana, of course, as well as a little burg in minnesota named for the uruguayan capital montevideo (mon-ti-vi-DAY-o) and called, as near as i could ever figure, mon-nuh-VI-dee-o.

but i digress. it’s lovely rolling country, and i was eager to test my legs over four laps on the 11+ mile course. alas, it was not to be, at least not all of it. in races like this, the field is split into skill-level and gender categories, and in two of the other fields first-lap crashes required ambulance visits. the organizers and the police there to help out with the race deemed the course unsafe and canceled the rest of it. it was disappointing for many riders, but probably the best call.

it was, however, enough to re-ignite my bike-racing bug, and i’m looking forward to a summer dotted with the occasional foray into (very) amateur competition. one of the more spectator-friendly events on the summer schedule is the hyde park blast on June 28, a set of criterium races at hyde park square. the blast features kids’ events, and running race, and a block party in conjunction with a day at the races. less locally, but more imminent (May 16-18), is lexington’s own bike race celebration, fittingly called bike lexington. for my money, the spectating would be best at the saturday criterium in the heart of downtown.

just one more note on the flying pig, or rather, the coverage of it by our local rag: it’s a great event, with around 12,000 runners finishing the half (7300+) and full (4700+) marathons. it’s a marathon for regular folk, who work hard and train hard to complete an arduous event. and it’s structured to encourage those regular folk to run in support of charities and other good causes. why then, does our fear-mongering excuse for local print coverage have a giant headline today that reads: DRAMA AT THE BACK OF THE PACK (I saw this in a newspaper box while walking the dogs, so i may have the exact wording wrong, but this is the gist of it), with a sub-head “CPR saves stricken runner”? i get that this story is news, and that it’s very important to bobby edwards and his loved ones. and i’m certainly not suggesting that the lead story on the pig should be “flying pig reveals that cincinnati is best city in the universe.” but why oh why must our media try so very hard to make us so very afraid? of everything?

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