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we do most of our grocery shopping at biggs. not all of it, but enough of it that it seemed worthwhile to sign up for their gas program with sunoco. it works like this:

every $10 dollars you spend at biggs earns you a discount of 1¢ per gallon on gas at (participating) sunoco stations. some items earn you additional savings: for example, last sunday every gallon of milk purchased earned you an 15¢ discount per  gallon .

now, i wasn’t sure how this would add up when it came down to it. i didn’t want to be tempted to buy things i don’t usually buy, or eat, or need, and i don’t usually buy gas at sunoco.  (in fact, up until a few weeks ago i couldn’t even have told you where one was located.) but it seemed worth trying, so i signed up.

and! last sunday i filled our tank for the first time using our accumulated discount. as i watched the digital numbers flip past on the led screen i thought something was wrong. it took a few moments for me to register what was up (or rather, down): for the first time in my gas-buying life, the numbers showing the gallons purchased was lower than the numbers showing the cost to me. that’s right, folks: gas under a buck. actually, gas at 79¢/gallon.

i dunno where you buy your food or your gas. but if you’re looking for a discount, and there’s a participating sunoco station near you, this just might be your deal of the week.

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kona leaves oakley

good-bye to all that: kona leaves oakley

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send us (cincyscenes at hotmail dot com) your best/most interesting/most unnerving/strangest/ wintertime local photo — BUT HEY! KEEP IT TASTEFUL! — and we’ll use it for our winter header.

in addition to being featured on our very own home page, the winner will also receive a care package from jeni’s ice cream, our now-favorite local(ish) ice cream, which we will write about soon, really, we promise.

DEADLINE (for your photos, not our write-up): December 20, 2008.

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