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busy real-life weeks make for slow blogging weeks, but we do have a nice nugget for thursday. this evening at the oakley pub & grill, liz, avani, and lauren over at cincinnati imports are hosting the first-ever get-together and happy hour for, um, well, cincinnati imports.

as what you might call a mixed family (i was raised here, carole not so much not at all), we wondered whether we qualified, or whether i would be asked to stay home while carole mingled with a crew that didn’t care where she went to high school and didn’t get the whole east side/west side thing and thought that “cornhole” and “three-way” were terms not mentioned in polite company, and certainly not with the gusto and enthusiasm displayed by many queen cityites.

but we’ve been assured that all are most welcome, that being an import is as much a mindset as a geographic fact, that all it takes is a little curiosity about other people from other places. maybe we’ll see you there.

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please excuse us …

dear readers:

please excuse the cincyscenes crew while we welcome a new member to the team — er, family. we’ll be out of blog contact for a couple of weeks, but we’ll be back stronger, bigger (in number if not in size), and more eager than ever for excuses reasons to call a babysitter and get around and about. so don’t dump us from your blogroll, or your blog.lines, or your goo.gle reader just yet: our silence is temporary.

thank you for your consideration.

the management.

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blogroll update

you may have noticed a few new names in the blogroll — or maybe not, and thus this post. i’m planning on doing a more thorough upgrade to our links, but for the (busy) moment, these will have to suffice: clark street blog, featuring westender, offers insight and expresses bemusement at “the american zeitgeist,” with a nice focus on cincinnati west of central parkway; stacked: irreverently funny librarians: who knew? i’ve loved the recent critical smackdowns posts. and finally (alphabetically only), veggie option joins the ranks — you may have noticed that we love food, and food’s not all about the meat, and veggie option does a great job reminding us tri-staters of that — although there’s a guy in my neighborhood who’d disagree: his bumper sticker reads: “eat beef: the west wasn’t won on salad.” wha…?!?!

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